Baby Friendly POSTNATAL Yoga in Lusk, 6wk course, starting this Summer date TBC, 11:45am

Baby Friendly POSTNATAL Yoga in Lusk, 6wk course, starting this Summer date TBC, 11:45am


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Baby Friendly Postnatal Yoga in Lusk, morning classes

What: 6 consecutive week course

When: Starting in Summer 2024, date TBC. Please get in touch to register your interest.

Please read all details and terms and conditions in the Description section below

Have you got any questions? feel free to contact me on 087 9927933

Out of stock


Baby Friendly Postnatal Yoga in Lusk

In these Baby Friendly Postnal Yoga classes new mums will enjoy gentle posture work that focuses on restoring alignment and tone, providing relief from lifting, carrying, and nursing, as well as learn breathing and meditation techniques.

You can attend Post Natal Yoga from 6 weeks after delivery (8/9 weeks in case of C-section) and participants must get the all clear from their GP/Health care provider before joining this class.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga

We will also focus on relaxation practices that give you a chance to rest and re-energize.

All the practices covered are aimed at mums but babies are welcome to come along too (class is ideal for new mums and babies six weeks old to crawling).

The main priority for a new mum, when taking care of her health, mental and physical, should be resting and recuperating energy whenever possible, particularly in the first few months after birth.

Depleted energy should be re-built/replenished slowly.

This is why all the practices are carefully designed to ensure that you reintroduce your body to movement and postures gradually and gently.

Network with other new mums

In this class we create a friendly and welcoming space where you meet other mums to share your experience, concerns and questions, thus providing an invaluable network of support. You will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere: if you need to feed, change or comfort your baby, you can look after him/her and dip in and out of the practices as required.

In case of mobility restrictions or injuries that make it strenuous to come from a sitting/lying down position to standing and viceversa,  and/or medical conditions (post-partum or not post-partum related) please contact me on 087 9927933 before booking a space, thanks.

Please make sure to book your spot on our Baby Friendly Postnatal Yoga classes in Lusk  sooner rather than later, as spaces are limited.

What you will need for our baby friendly Postnatal Yoga in Lusk:

  • a blanket to put on the floor for baby to lie down on  and a baby car seat/carrier
  • a non slip Yoga mat for yourself
  • one or two small/medium cushions or Yoga blocks
  • a blanket
  • a soft, not stretchy belt (a Yoga belt or something like a dressing gown belt will do)
  • water optional


Terms & Conditions

All classes need to be booked and paid for in advance, a minimum of 6 hours notice is required for in person classes and 1 hour for online classes.

Arriving late will disrupt the class, please be considerate of other participants and your teacher and be on time. Arriving late may result in not being admitted to the class whilst still being charged for it.

Once purchased, a prepaid drop in class or a course (such as, but not limited to, Pregnancy/Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Baby Friendly Yoga, 6 week general Yoga courses) is not refundable.

Please note that if you miss a prepaid and prebooked class (either a drop in or a class which is part of a course), this cannot be carried over. In exceptional cases, solely at the discretion of the teacher, and subject to space availability, a catch up Online Yoga class may be offered in lieu of the missed class.


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