Eye Pillow (Ditzy Flowers)

Eye Pillow (Ditzy Flowers)


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Eye Pillow for Relaxation, Yoga, Headache/ Migraine management and to aid sleep and soothe tired eyes.

100% cotton pillow and pillow case, with flaxseed and lavender flowers, an unscented option is available too.

We lovinlgy make all our eye pillows here in Ireland.

3 in stock


Eye Pillows are great for Relaxation, Yoga, Headache and Migraine management, to soothe tired eyes and to aid sleep routines. We lovingly make each eye pillow here in Ireland.

The pillow and removable pillow case are 100% cotton, each pillow contains flaxseed (linseed) and lavender flowers. If you prefer, you can get an unscented version too  (please add a note to your order to get the unscented version).

The eye pillow blocks out the light and provides a gentle pressure over the eyes and forehead, which can help inducing a state of relaxation.

You can use an eye pillow for headache, migraine or stress relief.  Eye pillows also help to soothe tired eyes after hours of computer work.

If you practise Yoga, whilst lying down in the relaxation pose of savasana, an eye pillow can help you to deepen relaxation. In the evening,  you can use your eye pillow to prepare for sleep.

We use high quality quilting cotton for the outer cover, which it is removable & washable however please make sure that the inner pillow doesn’t get wet because this would spoil the flaxseed filling.

These pillow are slightly wider than standard eye pillows and they not overly filled. This allows you to shape the flaxseed filling so that the pillow moulds perfectly to the contours of your face.

They are the perfect gift idea for family and friends, teachers and for wedding favours.

We have many different designs available. We believe that you will find something that you love. Eye pillows are also known as eye masks or dream pillows. We make them to order, with love, care and craftmanship.


Handmade in Ireland by Nadia.

  • Measurements:  24 x 12 cm approx
  • Care instructions for the outer cover: machine or hand wash at 40°C

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