Eye Pillows for Kids

Eye Pillows for kids.
100% cotton pillow and pillow case, filled with flaxseed and lavender flowers.

The Eye Pillows for kids are filled with with linseed and lavender flowers. An unscented option is available too.

The cover is 100% cotton. You can remove the external cover and wash it if needed.  Please make sure that the inner pillow doesn’t get wet as this would spoil the flaxseed filling.

The pillow is not overly filled as this allows you to shape the flaxseed filling so that the pillow moulds perfectly to the contours of the child’s face.

The pillow blocks out the light and provides a gentle pressure over the eyes and forehead, inducing a state of relaxation.  You can use an eye pillow for headache/migraine and stress relief.  It is also useful to aid sleep routines.

These little pillows make a lovely gift.

We design and make these lovely eye pillows in Ireland, in North County Dublin.


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