A session usually starts with a few minutes spent on developing awareness of the present moment, by focusing on the breath, concentrating inwards and becoming physically grounded.

Then it moves into a series of gentle limbering postures, which help to open up and warm up all the joints and muscles.

Limbering postures are followed by strengthening ones, which create heat and energy in the body.

The session then slows down as we move into a series of calming poses, where we allow the body to soften and release before entering final relaxation.

We are all different when it comes to mobility and range of movement, or we may have some medical conditions that need to be taken into account, this is why it is important that the practice adapts to the individual, not the other way round. For this purpose class size is small so that you can be guaranteed to receive individual attention and feedback as well as suggestions on modifications or alternatives to poses or practices that may not be suitable for you.

Whilst breath awareness is something we focus on throughout a Yoga class, there are also specific breathing techniques (pranayama) which will be used in combination with certain postures and practices. We allow the body to enjoy movement as well as times of complete stillness and relaxation, creating an atmosphere conducive to our meditation practice.