Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga


This is a wonderful alternative for those who can’t get on the floor to do a traditional Yoga class sitting/lying down on a mat or those who may get fatigued by standing for longer periods of time. It can also be a great option for office workers, as part of their wellbeing programmes as it doesn’t require any special equipment/clothing or venue.

In this gentle class you will increase your flexibility, reduce stiffness, de-stress and find more energy as you use a chair to practise modified versions of traditional Yoga postures, as well as learning breathing and meditation techniques.

In a chair Yoga class you can expect to go through a series of Yoga postures and movements done whilst sitting on a chair as well as some standing poses, using the chair for support if necessary. If standing is not an option, this is not an issue. There are always variations and modifications that we can adopt during a class to make it truly accessible to everyone.

By practising Chair Yoga you can improve your flexibility, concentration and strength, loosen and stretch painful and stiff muscles and improve circulation.

You will also learn breathing, relaxation and meditation practices that can help you boost your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

“Nadia is such an experienced yoga teacher. It is always a wonderful experience to attend her classes. It is such a joyful way to keep your body and mind healthy.  Nadia also is a hands-on teacher and gives every individual her personal attention. Along with her wonderful sense of humour it makes each session a memorable experience.  I have been attending for several years now and the difference it has made to my range of movement is exceptional. Also as an elderly person I find it of great benefit to my general physical and mental wellbeing. I am happy to give it my highest recommendation”