Baby Friendly Post Natal Yoga

Baby Friendly Post Natal Yoga


Mums will enjoy gentle posture work that focuses on restoring alignment and tone, and providing relief from lifting, carrying, and nursing, as well as learn breathing and meditation techniques.

Post Natal Yoga can be attended from 6 weeks after delivery (8/9 weeks in case of C-section) and participants must get the all clear from their GP/Health care provider before joining this class.

We will also focus on relaxation practices that give you a chance to rest and re-energize.

All the practices covered are aimed at mums but babies are welcome to come along too (class is ideal for new mums and babies six weeks old to crawling).

The main priority for a new mum, when taking care of her health, mental and physical, should be resting and recuperating energy whenever possible, particularly in the first few months after birth.

Depleted energy should be re-built/replenished slowly.

This is why all the practices are carefully designed to ensure that you reintroduce your body to movement and postures gradually and gently.

In this class we create a friendly and welcoming space where you meet other mums to share your experience, concerns and questions, thus providing an invaluable network of support. You will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere: if baby needs to be fed, changed or comforted you can look after him/her and dip in and out of the practices as required.

You will need a non slip mat for yourself, a blanket, and, ideally, also a couple of small cushions for extra support. Please bring a blanket to put on the floor for baby to lie down on and/or a baby car seat/carrier if you know that baby is happier sitting in that.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

“I joined Nadia’s Wednesday yoga class, while being slightly apprehensive at first as I had pre existing back issues it was the best decision for me. I found that Nadia creates a wonderful atmosphere of respect for each individual in the class and is very attentive to each of the participants and their requirements. The sense of relaxation and wellbeing one feels after each class is wonderful. I would highly recommend Nadia and her Yoganamara studio”