What are the the benefits of eye pillows you may ask. Eye pillows are a great tool to promote relaxation.

As well as helping you to relax, they can be useful for headache and migraine relief, to soothe tired eyes, particularly after spending long hours looking at a screen, they can also be effective for inducing sleep.


How do lavender eye pillows work?

You simply place the eye pillow on your eyes, whilst lying down on your back. Our lavender eye pillow is slightly wider than standard eye pillows and it is not overly filled.

This allows you to shape the flaxseed filling so that the pillow moulds perfectly to the contours of your face. The eye pillow blocks out the light and provides a gentle pressure over the eyes and forehead, inducing a state of relaxation.

The light pressure over the eyes and forehead coupled with the friendly darkness is particularly useful to those who suffer from headaches and migraines. For migraine sufferers, if scents are a trigger, we can also make your eye pillows without the lavender. Just let us know at the time of ordering.

If you practise Yoga, whilst lying down in the relaxation pose of savasana, an eye pillow can deepen relaxation. Even if you don’t practise Yoga, you can use your lavender eye pillow in the evening, whilst lying in bed, to prepare for sleep or at any time of the day when you need to take a little relaxation break, even 5/10 minutes lying down still can do wonders for our nervous system.

Kids eye pillows can be used to help children establish a sleep routine.

It is also possible to use the eye pillow cold, just seal it in an airtight bag/ container and place it in the fridge for a few minutes, please make sure that the eye pillow doesn’t get wet as this would spoil the natural flax seeds contained in it. Should you wish to warm it up, you could sit it on a radiator for a few minutes, better if wrapped in a light towel.


how are eye pillows made


How do we make our lavender eye pillows?

We use 100% cotton for both the pillow and for the outer pillow case, we fill them with flaxseed (linseed) and lavender flowers. If you prefer, an unscented version is available too.

The outer cotton cover is removable and washable (40°C).

We use high quality quilting cotton fabric and we lovingly make each eye pillow here in North County Dublin, Ireland.


benefits of eye ppillows


Who can use an eye pillow?

If you can lie down, you can use an eye pillow! We make lavender eye pillows for both adults and children and have a large selection of designs: prints as well as plain cotton. Kids’ eye pillows are available in a variety of fun prints too!

We recommend that children only use eye pillows from age 3+. This is because the pillows are not a toy, due to the presence of small parts (linseeds).

They are the perfect gift idea for family and friends, teachers. Have you ever considered getting them as wedding favours or bridesmaids’ gifts? New mums would appreciate this thoughtful present too. They are also great gift ideas for Christmas, St. Valentine’s day, mother’s and father’s day and every other occasion when you want to gift a handmade, thoughtful and useful present.


Where can I get my  lavender eye pillow?

We have many different designs available. We believe that you will find something that you love. Eye pillows are also known as eye masks or dream pillows. We make them to order here in Ireland, in Yoganamara Yoga Studio, with love, care, attention to detail and craftmanship.

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Now that you know what the benefits of eye pillows are, find an eye pillow that you love and enjoy the relaxation that comes with it :-)